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Deep Listening Synthesizer

The Deep Listening Synthesizer was created over my two months long Interaction Design Masters degree final project at CIID. I wanted to work with sound as a medium, and explore its therapeutical properties outside of the pure music making function.

In order to do so, I conducted interviews with experts, ranging from professional musicians to meditation teachers, while user testing and co-creating with a variety of people. Throughout the evolution of my project, I developped 5 different prototypes, each iteration being fed by the learnings of my research.

The final iteration, the Deep Listening Synthesizer is a sound device which uses a neuro scientific principle called brain entrainment in order to relax your brain. It uses different methods of synthesis as a way to stimulate targeted brainwaves.

It is played by rotating wheels, as a metaphor of the tibetan singing bowls, which are used as praying tools and in healing different parts of the body.

The DLS is a standalone digital synthesizer. At its core it uses a Teensy 3.5 for sound generation. It can be powered by battery of using a USB cable.

A new iteration is already in development, expanding the musical abilities of the device as well as the audio output quality. It is likely to be produced in a small batch of 10 or 15 units. Stay tuned.

A day to day overview of the first weeks of my project is accessible here.

As part of my prototyping journey, I created the Brain Entrainment Interface, an interactive website you can access here.