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Final project

chaos therapy: playful noise expression

my CIID's final project journey. a place to open source my researches and creations.
if you have any comments, interest, ideas, love letters,
drop me an email at ncls (dot) armand (at) gmail (dot) com

22.09.16 - Day 12, What why how

14:00 - I am a bit lost.

I sent a few emails to try to arrange interviews. Most of them are addressing the music side of the project. I am still looking for some "expression specialists", whatever that means...

I would love my explorations to lead to a "thing" (device, app, website, something else ?) that can be used by ANYONE feeling a need for expression. But targetting anyone is probably not the way to go and I may need to focus on a specific group of people.

16:40 - I am a bit less lost.

I came up with a new title for my project. Definitely more catchy isn't it ?

After reading about musical improvisation I realized that what I want is to give a tool for people to improvise without the need of knowing how to play. What I don't want though is to do one of those kickstarter project that enables you to play whatever midi instruments with quantized scales and harmonies by waving your hands around

17:00 - Reading about music therapy.

It seems like a whole new world is opening. I don't want to make it the center of my project. I still think sound is powerful enough. But music therapy principles will definitely help me for sound design.

21.09.16 - Day 11, Guerilla's back

20:00 - Another day of guerilla. The last I guess. I think I took the most out of this format. What's going to happen next ?

20.09.16 - Day 10, Writing stuff

20:00 - Here is a write-up on the origin of the project. Tomorrow is an other day of guerilla. I feel I have enough material on this page to contact "professionals" now. Let the fun begin.

19.09.16 - Day 9, Mini guerilla interview

18:00 - Back from Christiania where I conducted a few super short video with the Noise Machine #1.

15.09.16 - Day 5, Prop building

16:00 - After some electrical complications, creating buzz and horrible ground loop the noise machine is ready to be used as a prop for a first set of guerilla interviews. It doesn't look like an instrument, was super cheap to make, but definitely longer to make than expected.

14.09.16 - Day 3, First interview

16:00 - Here is the transcript (the English version will come soon) of the first interiew I did. I took a visiting friend to two noise concerts night in a row, and got his reactions afterwards.

13.09.16 - Day 2, Explorations

11:00 - I brought someone who has no connection to noise music to concerts the past two days. I'm preparing questions for an interview tonight. It will focus on how the sound impacted his body and mind and what he saw from the artists before/during/after their performances.

12:00 - I am playing a harsh noise show in Mayhem, Copenhagen next Monday. Thinking of the opportunities to make it part of my research project.

17:00 - I am designing a small noise machine to do a bunch of guerilla style interviews, and just observe how people react to the device. It won't look like a synthesizer or any other instruments. The only interaction will be a matrix of 3x3 switches, controlling pitch, amplitude modulation & ring modulation.

12.09.16 - Day 1, Kick off

11:00 - Creation of this page and grouping initial thoughts about the whole project.
The following text is a collection of ideas, principles and questions I have put together over the last two months. Some crazier than others.

I am stressed.

16:50 - Following is the "IDP Final Project Journey" document. Some informations all the IDP students had to fill out about their final projects. This document will evolve along the way, I'll keep you posted.