My name is Nicolas Armand I am an interaction designer and graphic designer.

I graduated from CIID in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I like to build physical objects, design nice pixel stuff, create amazing experiences and love to blend analog and digital. take a look at my projects.

You can find every possible ways to connect with me here.

instruments design

deep listening synth

Relax your brain

ritual electronics


CV to video

and music became images



a very hot printer

ascetic aesthetic

faith got your IoT

the network

one big happy family

analog gathering

CRT materializing



never let me die again

brain entrainment device

the power of waves

graphic design

book machine

"you have 3 hours."

la claque

a graphic design studio

books and fanzines

gotta love paper


causes perdues

extreme electronics label


noisy noisy music

to contact me :

drop me an email at ncls (dot) armand (at) gmail (dot) com or check my CIID page, with some more projects. to know more, here is my CV. from time to time I post things on twitter and i guess i have a linkedin profile.